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    ...a name-searchable online database, matching the University of Prince Edward Island’s Provenance Collection books with their previous owners.?

    Read the biographies of people across the globe: from lol Prince Edward Island to the far coast of British Columbia; from Massachusetts to San Francisco; from Yugoslavia to Scotland.?

    Take a walk across history and read stories about the early days of Saint Dunstan’s College, South rolina during the Civil War, the invention of Baking Powder, feminism in the Victorian Age, the loss of children in WWI, and the sndal of “Madame Beverly”.

    View the books with their inscriptions, poems, letters, and personal items such as hand-stitched bookmarks, pressed flowers, prayer rds, and newspaper clippings.

    Use The Book or The People tab along the top of this page to view the full collection.

    When you view an item, click on any pictures under the heading Related Items, to see the books or other connected people. Books often have many Lives!

    Please share any questions, suggestions and/or comments you have with the BookLives team at booklives@upei. or 902-566-0931